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Monday, January 2, 2012

Motorcyle Ride to Lake Sebu (Part I)

Right now, my body longs for bed and my ass hurts like hell. As expected of any long-distance trip, the physical pain is beyond description. But it has been very fun for I and some friends experienced a long and hilarious motorcycle ride from General Santos City to one of the top destination in South Cotabato – the zipline at Seven Falls in Lake Sebu.

My day started early, me waking up at around half past five. After a good bath and huge breakfast, I geared myself up and prepared my motorcycle – my beloved Honda XRM. I had the oil changed, the tires checked for air, and the tank full. By around eight, I picked up a friend and together we rode from Uhaw, General Santos City to Koronadal City (specifically at the Public Terminal), around 59 kilometers and nearly one hour of travel. We lingered around, resting our asses which had began to ache.

Another friend came and the three of us went from there to the municipality of Surallah. There was some funny mishap as we found our way out of the city. Well, it was 20 kilometers trip. It was crazy for the way had too many blind curves and was too steep. Nah, having two animated girls riding behind your back, with their incessant chatter and laugh, really did make the weary trip lighter. After some 45 minutes, we reached another friend’s house. Since he was not around, we just stayed around for a while, talking with his mother and special friend, and then asked for our way around. At around 10:40, we left, bound for the municipality of Lake Sebu. But before we got any further, we saw a good park to take some pictures of.

We resumed and the trip had become more cumbersome. The road had been more winding and steeper to almost fifty degrees. I travelled at first gear most of the way. However, the wind was more chilly and refreshing, easing my body which was protesting with exhaustion and pain. It was only 21 kilometers but it had taken me almost an hour.

Finally, we reached our destination. We rested in a restaurant and gave our orders. Another friend came and joined us. It was quarter to noon when we arrived but our lunch was only served at one in the afternoon. One hour! Somehow, we understood since the restaurant had countless guests and many of them had already given their orders. With revolting stomachs, we devoured our lunch of tilapia chicharon, tilapia sisig, and fried tilapia. Goodness, the fish was so good (picked fresh from the pond) and the meal really brought back all my lost energy.

It was almost two o’clock when we started out for the Seven Falls. Summoning all my guts and strength, I, along with my friends, travelled a dangerous road. It was only around one kilometer long, but the way was too steep and unpaved. If not sandy, it would be rocky (but mostly rocky). The rocks are not pebbles, but more like boulders, like ostrich eggs spread before us. The angle and the rocks made the trip very challenging, not to mention hard. Yet, the imagery along the way was breathtaking. The green forest. The creepy trees. The mesmerizing falls.

At last, we arrived. We were anticipating for a great zipline experience and a cold bath near the falls. And we were not disappointed.

To continue…

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