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Monday, May 14, 2012

Post-Mother's Day Notes

This is kind of late but I feel I just have to share this one. Well, while my friends and I strolled in a local mall this afternoon, we saw a fascinating site in the atrium. There was a wall, presumably put up yesterday, where anyone can post short messages for their beloved mothers. One side of the wall has a Facebook format while the other side appears to be like a brick pattern.

At a distance, the wall was attractive and eye-catching as hundreds of colored papers scribbled with messages were attached to it. The short notes were sweet and funny, at most times hilarious and crazy.

We got to smile at the nicknames of many mothers – very Filipino and sounds like age-old things. Plus the out-of-this-world spellings and grammar! I am not sure if they were intentional (just for laughs) or really products of sheer innocence. Whichever, the joy they bring, not only to us but to everyone who reads them, is very much appreciated.

Here are some snapshots of these posts and short notes:

This may be late but Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there.

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