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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon at Lemlunay Resort

Right now, I long for my bed for I am very exhausted, feeling dead as a log. My family and I spent the whole afternoon frolicking in one of Saranggani’s most popular tourist destinations – Lemlunay Resort. We were just lucky that there were a few guests so the whole place seems to be ours. LOL. It was not my first time at Lemlunay but I really love the place. The cool wind, the calm sea, and the elegant simplicity give me relaxation and relief from stress.

With me were my mothers, sisters, in-laws and the kids. Meet the ever-increasing family….

Of course, the moment would be wasted if we do not dip in the clean waters of their eternity pool….

Plus the beauty of the nature and man’s designs all over the place….

The place became even more picturesque and romantic towards the afternoon….

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