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Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Barangay Elections

Today is a national holiday as the whole nation holds barangay elections today. So last night, I promised to wake up early the following morning so I could also go to my polling precinct early. But nah, promises are made to be broken and I woke up only at half past eight. LOL!

It was only an hour later that I finally arrived at my precinct. Much to my surprise, the school which served as precincts was not as crowded as that last June elections. There were still multitudes of honking tricycles, habal-habal motors and cars but they were quite disciplined compared to last time. And thanks to the heavy downpour earlier in the day, the school ground was not dusty at all.

So hurriedly, I looked for my precinct and found it immediately – 135F. I followed the queue (which was not at all long, just three people before me) and when I found my name on the master list, alas, somebody had already signed it for me. The officer kind of panicked and she had me wait for a while as she attended to other voters. Soon, she went back to me and studied the list. Oh, the person next to me on the list (the 99th since I was the 98th) mistakenly signed my name. I thought that would raise hell but then, she just announced to the poll watchers that Ms. or Mrs. P*** signed for my name. The watchers acknowledged the mistake and I was then handed a ballot after the officer looked for my voter’s ID (which I fortunately brought with me).
So there I was, on my seat, studying who I would vote for Brgy. Captain and for the seven Brgy. Councilors. After a couple of minutes, I finished filling the ballot. I went back to the officer, thumb marked the list and the ballot, dropped the ballot to the box, and then had my index finger inked. And I was done for the elections! Whew, that fast and easy!

Compared to last June elections, today was a lot faster. I just stayed in the school premises for not more than 15 minutes. Aside from that I only have to vote for a few people, the system was done well this time – no unreliable PCOS machines, the officers were prepared, and the people were more disciplined.

Good luck to the new sets of barangay officials in the country.

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